26 Aug

Peach Amaranth Porridge

"Amaranth Peach Porridge on the Cabot Trail!
After hiking the most beautiful Atlantic Coastal Paradise,
a soothing hot bowl of goodness really satisfies." 

This week my book tour took us to Sydney, Cape Breton. It is truly paradise in these parts. The coves, waterfalls and trails have us considering how city folk survive.
We had a wonderful time meeting Scott and Skye inside the Lighthouse at Neil's Harbour. I could not help but notice he had hemp salve out for sale. He was such a lover of hemp, I had to share my stash of Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts.
After a day of trail blazing, we found a great cottage overlooking the sea. At sunrise, we hit the kitchen and cooked up a soothing hearty breakfast. When traveling, we have had to rely on restaurants more than we would like. It is really worth bring along some key basics that are easy to cook up if you can find a place with a hotplate or stove. Most of these ingredients we enjoy on the trail but you can sub in what ever you have around. We used juice to cook the amaranth so there is no need for extra sweetener.

1 cup                 amaranth
2 cups                water
1/2 cup              organic apple juice
3                       peaches
1                       banana
6 tbsp                hemp hearts
3 tbsp                pumpkin seed
2 tbsp                goji berries
1/2 tsp               Maca powder 

1. Bring water and juice to a boil, then add amaranth. Reduce heat and simmer for 18 minutes, stirring occasionally.
2. Slice peaches and banana evenly into the bottom of 2 large cereal bowls. Add cooked amaranth over the fruit.
3. Top with seeds, berries and honey. Serve immediately. Serves 2.

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